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Fully automatic tray sealer
for 1 up to 3-fold for flexible filling and sealing of preformed cups or buckets.

Linear line for packaging of different products like dairy products, meat, sausages, cheese, vegetables, bakery products and other food products.

Sealing die set with contour cutting

Max. tray dimensions:
sealing die 1-fold: 510 x 350 x 120 mm
sealing die 2-fold: 245 x 350 x 120 mm
sealing die 3-fold: 160 x 350 x 120 mm
Further sealing dies and forms upon request

Technical data:

Control system: Siemens S7 – 300 Serie
Colour touch screen: 65.536 colours
Capacity: vakuum + MAP + Sealing
Up to 10 cycles / min. only sealing: up to 20 cycles /min.
External dimensions: approx. 3500x960x1600mm
Weight: approx. 750 kg
Film transport: automatic unwinding and re- winding of the film and the film remnants incl. quick release with core 3 ( 76 mm )
Top film width: max. 315 mm
Film reel diameter: max. 300 mm
Electric: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph. N, PE
Capacity: 6 kW ( with 100 m/ h vacuum pump
Compressed air: approx. 30 Nl / cycle with constant 7 bar
Cooling water: not required
Vacuum: 100,160,250, 300 m/ h Vacuum pump integrated

Quick change device, photocell, tray destacking unit, gas mixer, movable dosing units



Tray destacking 1-fold version

Sealing station with cut system

Film infeed with loading area for products

Operation panel with OP 3