Reconditioned machines

Numerous used and reconditioned packing machines are available.
Please contact us regarding your requirements e.g.

with piston filling unit for dips, butter, honey and jam
speed: 380 packages /min
built in: 2001
1 form- fill and seal machine NOVAFFS HS 80

built in year: 2002
speed: 480 Packages /min.
1 form- fill and seal machine MULTIVAC 850
Serie number 71,
reconditioned in year 2002
built in year 1992
speed: 40 Packages /min. with vacuum and
gas flushing
HAMBA Cup filling machine
up to 2.400 cups / hour

1 reconditioned cup filling and sealing machine
Typ HAMBA 2400, built in year 1981
1 pcs of linear cup fill and seal machine Linear
fabrique: Formaroli Italy, built in: 1985
speed: 110 packages /min.
package volume: 125 gr oval cheese form

Carton Erecting Unit Ampack SH4
1 reconditioned box glueing machine Ampack SH 4
for carton trays, year of manufacture: 1989