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Bulk material weighing
system NOVAWEIGH 4

for filling choco balls, olives, biscuits
or other food products

Technical Data:

adjustable: 10 – 200 gr, 200 – 1000 gr
speed: up to 25 cycles / min. single line up, depending on product and configuration of format set
dosage precision: 1 - 2 gr. per filling depend on weight of single product
drive system: pneumatical driven
consists of:
dosing chamber with stainless steel housing for long service life 
hopper 100 ltr for infeed of products
vibration unit from 1-fold to up 4-fold
conveying speed adjustable for each row of system from 0 - 200
auto mode for single dosing, double dosing or more fold dosing
exact weighing cell with after dosing possibility




 product infeed 2-fold doubled

 poduct infeed for
choco balls 4-fold

 Touch Screen Display

4 -fold infeed vibration rail