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Automatic linear cup fill and seal machine
Linear servo driven cup fill and sealing machine, 2 8 lanes row configuration. For flexible filling of different preformed cups with sterilization system UVC for cups and lids with laminar flow air hood for sterile air conditions. Linear cup fill and sealing machine for packaging of different products like dairy product, salads as well as non food products.

Technical Data:

Output: 2.500 - 24.000 product s per hour depending on the number of lanes
Execution: 1 up to 8 lanes
Filling volumes
30 - 1.500 ml
Cups: Plastic-, aluminium-, or paper cupps
Covers: Punched aluminium- or plastic covers, lids or imprinted seal film
Products: Liquid up to viscous, pourable or lumpy products, such as:
milk, yoghurt, curd- and processed cheese
butter and margerine
delicatessen salads
jam, honey or chocolate cream
ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard
bakery products and confectionery
chocolate vermicelli, corn flakes and muesli
Feeding options: Manually operated piston feeder (also available as CIP version)
Piston feeder equipped with servo drives
Flow rate reading
Screw feeding
Options: Cup coding or labeling facility
Automatic loading wih cups and lids
Laminar airflow
Pick-and-place and wraparound packaging units


Owing to its rugged and sturdy design, the line can be accessed easily for both cleaning and product format change. The transport belt runs in a closed base plate and stands out by its excellent smoothness of running and its perfectly finished, hygienically clean surfaces.

format platen in 4 lanes version with double index system for different format diameters 73 mm and 95 mm, so no change over is needed

4-fold piston filling system with mixing units for yogurt and fruits different flavours

2 pcs hoppers in CIP version of 20 ltr. in reclosable version