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pneumatical driven linear type cup feeding, fill- and sealing machine for one or two lane operation, specially suited for the flexible filling in preformed cups.
Linear feeder for packaging of different dairy products , delicatessen salads, Confectionary , bakery and non food products.

Technical Data:

Output: 1.000 - 4.200 Products per hour, depending on the number of lanes
Execution: 1- or 2-lane
Range of filling volumes covered: 20 - 1.200 ml
Cups: Plastic-, aluminium- or paper cups
Covers: Punched aluminium- or plastic covers, lids or imprinted film
Products: Liquid up to viscous, pourable or lumpy products, such as:

milk, yoghurt, curd- and processed cheese

butter and margarine

delicatessen salads

jam, honey, chocolate cream

ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard

bakery products an confecionery

chocolate vermicelli, flakes und muesli
Feeding options: Manually operated piston feeder (also available as CIP version)
Flow rate control
Screw feeding
Options: Application as pre-feeder
Lid fitting station
Cup coding or labelling facility
Delivery belt with rotary plate
Fumigation facility
Pick-and-place- and wraparound packing units



The pneumatic linear drive concept realised with this machine ist the base for the flexible design of the machine that makes it the ideal well fit for all special tasks and requirements. The machine stands out by its typical features, such as its sturdy design, its excellent cleaning characteristics and open working stations guarantee an easy check and maintenance of the machine. A large range of accessories makes this machine the perfect match for all tasks to be covered on the lower scale of the performance range.

Cup or bucket transport with pin system

Cup transport with plastic cup cells in one lane version

Cup transport with cells in stainless steel or aluminium 2-fold version